Precepts of Men

a play in 5 questions,

By posing and answering five questions that every woman should ask, Maggie brings the Riddle relationship into the 21st century, and perhaps takes some of her fellow women back into the 19th – all for everyone’s good.

Question 1: What’s in a Name?

I am here to get you to think, remember? Anyway, I started to call the married-name issue an injustice, and I guess I have argued that it is, but some questions are not a matter of justice.  Some are just common sense, if you look at them the right way. (She looks at Jackson, smiling.)

There are other intriguing (and exasperating) issues in life that I want you to consider, including the very important question asked in my original title.  I believe women need to be heard on all issues, but if the truth be told by all – men and women – there are certain issues on which a woman’s view is the best – even when it is shared by a man. (Again, she looks at Jackson.)     But let me say at the close of this introduction that I am concerned a little about the tone I have set.  I’m really not a radical or a feminist or even a very out-spoken woman.  I’m just not very tolerant of stupid things in life. I think you will see that if you read Jackson’s book, and I think that is what my friends are complimenting when they praise how he depicted me.  I don’t accept things just because my husband says so or because “they have always been done that way” or to just “go with the flow.”  That’s no way to live, and it’s really no world to live in.

Question 3: How did I get here?

Anyway, what in the world has all this got to do with me, you are wondering? Well, I’ll tell you, and it is more than just the fact that I briefly attended the university located in Huntsville named for Sam Houston.  It has to do with individuality.  It is about making up one’s own mind about something and sticking with it even when the majority decides otherwise.