Riddle in the Sand



Is idol worship ever a good thing? Perhaps, if your secular idol makes you feel closer to God? But can Jimmy Buffett’s music really have anything to do with Jesus?

The answers depend on how you reconcile one influence with the other, and whether the process interferes with other sacred relationships, such as your marriage.

Riddle in the Sand tells the story of a young married couple searching for these answers. Jackson and Maggie hope to find them while vacationing on the Texas Gulf Coast, but instead they are roiled by forces of nature on land and sea. An eccentric cast of locals in the village and a killer hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico bring both comical and harrowing adventures. Finally, a cathartic encounter with a surprise visitor helps them all to comprehend the true foundation of enduring relationships, and the ultimate question in life.

Jackson and Maggie Riddle, a young married couple from Dallas, vacation on an island off the Texas coast in the summer of 1989.  They are guests of Jackson’s client, George Waters, the zany offspring of a wealthy South Texas oil family, who has invited them to go deep-sea fishing on his fast boat. When fishing trip is delayed by a strong hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, Jackson and Maggie pass the time exploring the island and reflecting on the early progress of their marriage and careers, and the effect of Jackson’s idol worship on both. Nothing good can come of that, they both believe, until it does.

(Original Cover Art: Jennifer S. Rose)